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Accepted Abstracts will be Published in the "Uro-Technology Journal


The Abstract-Submission System will be opened from the 1st of April 2024 through to 1st of July 2024.

Please note: The presenting author MUST register with the Conference after the abstract is accepted in order to have the abstract included in the Conference program. All presenting authors will have the privilege of early registration fees.

Please note: MMISU 2024 will announce the acceptance decision on the 23rd of July 2024, all authors who submitted an abstract will be informed of the final decision by E-mail. Accepted abstracts will be presented either an oral presentation or an “electronic” poster presentation.


General Information

Abstracts should be submitted electronically via the web-based system for abstract submissions via the Congress website at http://mmisu.org/ The abstract text should not exceed the 300 words limit (with title, author names and affiliation details excluded). The abstract title should not exceed the 150 characters’ limit (spaces included). All abstracts subject to editorial and scientific review.

Abstract Details

Each presentation for the Congress requires an abstract to include brief details of the work. The abstract should give details of the aim, objectives, methods used, the most important data findings and conclusions of the submitted research.

There should be headings in bold/capitals for: AIM, METHODS, RESULTS, and the important CONCLUSIONS.
AIM: Usually one short simple sentence stating the objective of doing the study. METHODS: This section must be clearly written and in sufficient detail for the work to be repeated by other workers. The statistical methods used should be stated.
RESULTS: These should be clearly presented and only related to the methods described where appropriate data should be given as to the reproducibility of the findings. Statistical analysis should be included in this section. Images, tables and visual data should not be submitted.
CONCLUSION: This should briefly outline the most important findings.

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations are scheduled to last for a total of 9 minutes which is allocated as 6 minutes for the Oral Presentation followed by 2 minutes of questions

Time Keeping

This will be strictly monitored by the appointed Chairpersons who will signal the end of the presentation period and the start of questioning.

It is advisable to have several rehearsals of your presentation so that you will be able to deliver this within the allotted time period of 6 minutes.

Audio-Visual Equipment

A data projector and a laptop will be provided in each presentation room. The laptops provided run Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 10 and Office-Products. Presenters will not be able to use their own laptops as there is insufficient time to allow for swap over


A preview room will be located within the venue where presenters can check their slides. Staff will be able to assist in giving directions to this room if necessary. However, the Presentations MUST be loaded onto the laptops in the designated session room for each delegate in advance of their session. It is advisable to load presentations, during the breaks or at least one hour before the presentation.

Please attend your session at least 10 minutes beforehand to introduce yourself to the Session Chairs and familiarize yourself with the podium, laser pointer etc. The Chairpersons will have a register of the presentations for their sessions and any presenter failing to attend will have their abstract withdrawn. All Presenters will receive a Congress Certificate for their scientific contribution in the congress.

“Electronic” Poster Presentations

Posters with Oral Discussions/Presentations (OPD)

The Posters with Oral Discussions/Presentations are a combination of displaying a Poster in the Hall A followed by an Oral Presentation. Each presenting author will be allowed 2 minutes as an oral presentation (Maximum 3 slides) to summarize his research and 1 minute for discussion.

Poster Content and Layout

The e-Poster is in PowerPoint format with integrated videos, animations and/or added audio commentary. Please note, Please note that the PowerPoint presentation shouldn’t exceed 3 slides

E-Poster is a way to translate science to the congress delegates. E-Posters will explain the science in a new way; they may contain oral explanations, videos, additional statistic materials, PowerPoint presentations etc.  All e-Posters will be available at:  the e-Poster Corner in the exhibition where this can offer extensive viewing by the delegates.

Kindly note: e-Posters are not used/intended for poster presentations in regular poster sessions. e-Posters are self-explanatory and will be used to expose your findings via MMISU Resource Centre to all who could not attend MMISU 2024. Only poster presented as an e-Poster format will be made available in MMISU Resource Centre (online) & e-Poster Corner (onsite).